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LevelOne launches range of HDMI UTP extenders capable of 300 metre range

Dortmund, June 27, 2016 – German-based networking, security and digital signage vendors, LevelOne, have today launched the HVE range, the world’s first HDMI UTP extender capable of transmitting signals up to 300 metres from the signal source.

The extenders support a resolution of up to 4K2K, significantly higher than the standard resolution of 1080p that most HDMI UTP extenders are capable of. The HVE series will become the new standard for long-range, very high definition signal distribution.

The series includes the following products:

HVE-9111T             HDMI over Cat.5 Transmitter, 300m (only available in kit HVE-9100)

HVE-9111R             HDMI over Cat.5 Receiver, 300m

HVE-9114T             HDMI over Cat.5 Transmitter, 300m, 4 Channel Outputs

HVE-9100               HDMI over Cat.5 Extender Kit, 300m (HVE-9111T and HVE-9111R)

The HVE-9114T model transmitter features four channels, and can work in conjunction with four HVE-9111R receivers.

As well as long range and high resolution, the extenders feature custom EDID management, allowing users to either manually calibrate the most suitable image resolution, or set the device to find it automatically. A built-in scaler provides further control over the output, allowing an input resolution of 10080p to be scaled up to 4K2K resolution, depending on the user-defined settings.

The cost-effective extenders are simple to deploy and control, based on a user-friendly plug-and-play principle. With all functionality built in to the device itself, there is no software to download or calibrate, further simplifying deployment and user interface.

The devices require only one UTP cable running between the video source and attached monitors, making it a very cost-effective solution for larger scale, high resolution video installations, with UTP a more affordable choice than running fiber-optic cabling between components. The solution also provides a simple and cost-effective means of upgrading an existing VGA installation, allowing service providers to add new extenders using the existing cable deployment.

With a solid form factor, high-quality build materials and components, stringent in-house testing has proven the HVE series to be both durable and exceptionally stable.

About LevelOne

LevelOne is part of the DDC Group of companies, based in Dortmund Germany with regional headquarters in Taipei. The company specialises in manufacturing high quality yet affordable networking, surveillance and digital signage products. LevelOne has offices in 20 countries worldwide, and distribution in more than 70. 

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